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Stay In The Solutions Women’s This women’s meeting meetings Monday’s at 7:00 PM. Stay in the solution! Meeting ID: 344-240-981 Password: (No Password)

In the Big Book Women’s This is women’s meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Book study format. Nothing like getting back into the book to jump start recovery. This group meets Monday-Friday at 5:00 PM. Meeting ID: 469-489-051 Password: (No Password)

Sassy Sisters Online Calling all Women in recovery- this Women’s meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings Sunday’s at 1:30 PM. Keep calm and love the Sassy Sisters! Meeting ID: 986-963-791 Password: (No Password)

Women’s 7pm Zoom This is a 7:00 PM Women’s Zoom Meeting for women who would rather be on a date tonight, but attends a delightful Zoom meeting instead. Zoom ID: 410-592-740