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We Ceased Fighting Fighting alcoholism on our own power never got us far. This is why we ceased fighting. We had to surrender to win. This group meets Monday-Saturday at 5:30 PM. This is a mixed meeting. Meeting ID: 644-502-1212 Password: (No Password)

Quality Air There is a real sense of quality air being in an online meeting with your fellows. Come participate in your recovery and help others stay sober. This meeting comes together Monday-Saturday at 12:15 PM. This is a mixed meeting. Meeting ID: 612-786-223 Password: (No Password)

Newcomers Rock Calling newcomers! Join us Sunday’s at 8:15 PM. All are welcome to attend this meeting. This is a mixed meeting, open discussion format. Will we see you there? Meeting ID: 397-842-874 Password: (No Password)

Quarantined at 8:30 This is a topic discussion meeting. This group meets daily (EXCEPT FRIDAY) at 8:30 PM. We hope to see you there! Meeting ID: 699-516-064 Password: (No Password)

Sober Saturday This is the old IHOP meeting group! Sober Saturday meeting meets at 5:00 pm every Saturday . This is an open meeting both women and men are all weekend . Meeting ID: 671-921-955 Password: 5391

Saturday Night Live D.I.R.T.B.A.G.S. Calling all young people to join our Saturday Night Live D.I.R.T.B.A.G.S group! Grab your vape, big book, and share your experience, strength, and hope with us. See you at 7:00 PM . Meeting ID: 416-331-050 Password: 706359

Soberlicious Welcome newcomers! This meeting is great for AA’ers of all lengths of sobriety, especially newcomers. This meeting is native to former Solutions Recovery Center. Our meeting host is Dean, and he can be reached at with questions. This meeting is on Saturday. Meeting ID: 630 819 4608 Password: 785952