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The Cartel This is a daily men’s meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a little bit larger of a meeting which can bring is some amazing shares! This is a mixed meeting, in a discussion format. It starts at 12:15 PM. Meeting ID: 549-657-3664 Password: cartel1

The Graduates The Graduates is a men’s meeting that is native to LV central office. They meet daily at 12:15 PM. Join this fantastic group of men on your lunch break and support our recovery! Meeting ID: 241-556-081 Password: (No Password)

Stray Dogs Men’s Stag This men’s group of Alcoholics Anonymous meets Monday’s at 7:00 PM. Meeting ID: 672-835-4763 Password: (No Password)

12PM Summerlin Soft Men’s Stag Daily Men’s Stag Meeting-lunchtime meeting Meeting ID: 653-251-964 Password: (No Password)

Retreat Men’s Group The retreat men’s group meetings weekly on Monday’s at 7:00 PM. This meeting is native to Christchurch Episcopal on Maryland and St. Louis, and is a discussion meeting. Meeting ID: 628-247-069 Password: 2000mrylnd

Corona Virus Men’s Group Join our daily men’s group “Hackers” native to the Veteran’s Memorial Community Center in Summerlin. This meeting starts at 7:00 PM. ID: 536-736-892 Password: 1935