How To Use Zoom

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How Do I Get Started?

You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers- or have headphones at bare minimum. It’s recommended to have a camera and a microphone so that others can hear and see you as well! If you do not already have Zoom downloaded and installed, please click the button below to download it.

Once you have installed the application to your computer, please follow the steps below to get connected to your meeting.

Download Zoom Client

Meeting ID’s are a series of numbers that identify what meeting you are connecting to. You will find plenty of meeting ID’s at our meeting section of this site by clicking here.
Remember: The name you choose here will be shown inside the meeting. Do not put your last name if you would like to maintain your anonymity.

Join & Enter Password

Add the meeting password (if there is one) and then click, “join meeting”. Your Zoom client should remember passwords for meeting to make it easy to re-connect. Click join meeting after you enter the password to move forward.

Enable Audio and Video

We recommend using audio and video so that you can participate in your recovery. It adds to the meeting and gives a more personal touch. You may choose to disable your camera or microphone at any point during the meeting.

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