Guide For Hosts

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Guide for Hosts

On Zoom, the host serves the job of the chair. As a responsible chair of any Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, you should expect to monitor the activity and behavior of those in the virtual room and take action in accordance with the Traditions to ensure a positive meeting experience for all involved.

To do this, please follow these steps below.

Step 1: Meeting Setup

Ensure that your Zoom meeting is set up with a password and has a waiting room enabled. This will allow you, the host/chair, to admit people into the meeting and ensure that members have a positive meeting experience. You can do this in your meeting settings by logging into your Zoom account and editing your meeting (select “All” meetings, do not just edit one meeting). Please also allow individuals to join the waiting room before the host starts the meeting. This will allow people who arrive early to get a good experience.

Step 2: Add A Co-Host

Each Zoom meeting should have two (2) hosts in case of technical difficulty. You’ll need to add a co-host in your Zoom settings. From there, you will need to add that host to the group settings. For information on how to do this, please visit this page by clicking the button below.

How To Enable a Co-Host
Step 3: In-Meeting Management

During the meeting, you may see individuals attempt to enter the meeting via the waiting room. Please accept any request; we do not want to turn down anyone from attending a meeting.

Step 4: Video

All users should turn on their video to enter meetings. This ensures a safe meeting for all involved. If someone does not have their video on, ask them to turn it on and assess the response. Some people may opt against sharing their screen, and so long as we know who they are, this is OK.

Dealing With Problems

Situations may arise where Internet trolls attempt to login to our meetings. When this happens, please remember that you, the host/chair, deal with these same situations in-person. If someone enters one of our meetings with malice, whether in-person or online, it is your responsibility to ensure a safe meeting for all members. As such, please immediately plan to boot someone who does not look familiar AND acts unfamiliar upon entry.

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